Welcome to SSP, with over 5 million page views a year on the gallery, and lots of happy customers we like to think you’re in the right place !

Our aim is to make people happy – by the medium of race photos. So you can get the most out of what we do and from what you do (awesome running, getting out there, triathlon, endurance, adventure racing etc) there’s a list of handy tips below if you need some…

If you want to get some likes on your facebook page, share your achivements and make your friends and family proud of what you have achieved – then get yourself a good race photo, stick it up online and share it with your friends and the world !

Value for money: If you’re thinking of getting 3 or more images from an event – have a look for the collections – screen resolution or full resolution – as they cost less than 4 images and you get the whole lot.

Quality ? If you want to look at the difference between screen resolution and high resolution, then you can download and have a look at some samples here

If you’re going to be running at an event we are covering here’s a few tips to get the best out of our service for your benefit later:

  1. Show your number clearly (NB Tri-Belts do not work, the numbers flap about and get hidden), so that means four pins, one in each corner of the race number, on your chest (not on your leg, back, folded, hidden by your water belt/taken off top).
  2. Smile. Not at the camera, but it makes a massive difference to you when you do. It is nice if you look down the lens too.
  3. Don’t hide behind people – if you’re too close behind someone, we just can’t see through them !
  4. Yes, we take pictures at the top of hills. The views are amazing, and add context which you will like, so don’t spoil them by looking rubbish and grumpy, at least look like you’re trying.
  5. Concentrate at the finish on the finish, and run in confidently head up, straight back.
  6. Don’t do a weaving sprint around in and out between other runners to save a second off your time, we can’t track you that easily and have less time to pick you out, plus of course – you should have just run faster in the first place?
  7. Don’t do a crazy wave. Nobody has ever bought a crazy wave photo. Ever. Ok maybe once in over a decade. This might change over time… but it’s unlikely you want one of you looking crazy, when you also have some of you looking like a really good runner.
  8. Lift up your head, don’t stare down at your feet, we would like to see your eyes, as would you. Take your cap off if you can.
  9. Remember, most of the time, in the end, race photos are not for you, they are for your family to remember your achivements so do your best to look how you would like them to remember you ! – happy, smiling, concentrating, enjoying life, achieving – great memories !
  10. Enjoy your Race and Good Luck !
  11. Go to the Gallery !
  12. Buy your pictures (or download them for free if there’s been a very nice sponsor)
  13. Stick them on your walls at home, photo album pages, blog, twitter, profile picture, avatar or facebook and get some of this 😉 :