Copyright Licensing

Copyright of all images is retained by the photographers we represent.
UK Sport Photo Ltd is an agency that sells licenses for the photographs via the website on behalf of the Photographers.

We sell Personal Usage Licenses via the gallery, and Commercial Licenses can be purchased by the Media, Publishers, Journalists and other companies for commercial use by contacting us by email or telephone – please see the contact us page.

A personal usage license covers anything that a private individual can do themselves with the image.
This includes but is not limited to – sharing on social media, printing, emailing, putting on a blog, putting on a gift or memento, putting it on your running clubs gallery or news item, or on your charity fundraising page.
Essentially you cannot pass it on to a third party to use.

Commercial licenses are required for everything else that is not covered by a personal license.
This includes (as examples) and is not limited to:
Newspapers (local, regional, national), Magazines, Journalist articles, consumer blogs, magazine websites, publishers websites, company newsletters of employers achievements, advertisers, Sponsors, PR companies, business social media pages (facebook, twitter).

In all cases, use of an image before it is licensed will result in unlicensed usage fees being applied. It is always cheaper to contact us and license the use of an image before it is used commercially.

If in doubt – get in touch !

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