LogoSussex Sport Photography is now powered by Pic2Go !

More information on Pic2Go can be found on the UK Pic2Go website here: www.Pic2Go.co.uk, and the worldwide site www.Pic2Go.com

As the exclusive licensees and resellers of Pic2Go technology in the UK, Sussex Sport Photography is bringing instant social media sharing of Event Photos to races and events near you.

Using the unique 2D barcodes on race numbers Pic2Go technology enables runners and competitors to be identified quickly and efficiently in event photos. It then sends the right photos to the right competitors personal online social media photo album – sharing their experiences almost instantly with their friends and relatives.

Working closely with Event organisers, Sponsors and Charities the Pic2Go technology helps get event and sponsor messages and brands shared quickly and effectively with event participants and their wider social circles – something that can’t be done by other methods.

The results are happy competitors, great communications, and massive social media impact !

Used internationally at major marathons, half marathons, sportive, endurance and other race events Pic2Go technology is proven, mature and reliable technology for your events social media presence, and has been endorsed by well renowned international sponsors like Vodaphone, Orange, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Gillette and Adidas – to name a few !

A typical pic2go barcode

 For more information about Pic2Go technology and what it can do for your Charity, Brand, or Event Рcontact us here at Sussex Sport Photography

Telephone: 01273 833331

Email: info@SussexSportPhotography.com

You can follow our twitter feed on @Pic2GoUK too

We look forwards to hearing from you soon !


Runners at a race start using the Pic2Go barcodes – shown on their race bibs
SSP_SB3_0173 (1280px)
Pic2Go Barcodes in use during the swim phase of a triathlon