We get about 1% of customers trying to find images that have been archived.

We archive events to make space for new events – as we can only hold approximately 1 million images on the gallery at any time.
We guarantee that an event will always be online for 3 months (90 days) and this seems to cover 99% of all visitors.

If you would like an individual from a race to be recovered from our archives and reloaded onto a gallery then we can do this.

Send us the details of the event (date and name), and their race number.

If their race number was not showing on the day it is unlikely that we can recover the images from the archive, but if they were on the gallery before and searchable by their race number, then it is likely we will be able to recover them now.

Archive images are more expensive to cover the cost of storage for years, as well as the time required to recover and reload the gallery, so our top tip is always to buy the images before they are archived, but it’s good that we are able to recover images for you if you missed out first time.

Just contact us with race details and number and we will get back to you with our recovery progress, and eventually a link for the reloaded gallery so you can view and purchase the images you want.