Event Directors

If you are organising a race and looking to have race photography as a service available for your competitors – then please read on !

We offer two services, which depend on what you are trying to achieve and provide for your competitors:

Coverage and post-race email package – no charge: If your event is a suitable size, distance and type then we can provide photography coverage and the post-race email for you at no charge to your event. This gives your race great coverage and saves you time and money after the event – mass email services often charge and it is something that takes up organisers precious post-race time to generate.

As a race partner we can donate profits to your race charity and with your help in sharing the race photos to competitors we can maximise this for you.
We can also help promote your race to thousands of runners via our Blog and social media channels – which will result in additional entries.
Just get in touch for more information !

Sponsored Coverage – Free downloads: If you have a sponsor or race partner, or you would like to do it as part of the race package as a way to add value to your event – then we can supply a customised gallery to allow unlimited image downloads for free for the competitors.
This can be part of a Sponsors social, online and brand engagement strategy and we have extensive experience in this type of work.

Race Photos are the online equivalent of Race T-Shirts when used as a momento to share with friends and family and make an excellent way to promote a brand and gain lasting penetration into online social media websites, especially with sponsors logos and brands overlaid onto the images themselves.

Over 20% of our galleries are free downloads and we have various presentations and examples to hand – please get in touch to discuss your opportunities futher.

Post Race Communications : Our guide for event webmasters and communications officers is here.  It is a condition of our free coverage service that we also provide post-race email communications for your race on your behalf, and this complies with the Data Protection Act as we are acting as your appointed agents.


Some of the people we work with
Some of the people we work with