Terms and Conditions

Image Licenses and Usage
Unless otherwise stated, all images are supplied and licensed for private personal use only by the purchaser. If you are unsure what that means, please simply contact us and we can talk you through licensing options for your needs.
Generally making prints, putting on your facebook page, tweeting it to a friend, using it for a school project, putting it on your running clubs website gallery – is all covered.
Basically it means anything you can do yourself – if you’re passing the image onto someone else to use – it is unlikely that they have the image rights or license to use the image and must get in touch to discuss their own licensing arrangements – this includes publishers, PR companies, Newspapers, Websites, Brand Blogs etc.

If we are informed about any watermarked (and therefore unlicensed) images being used online anywhere we will contact the host immediately to request they are removed. Please check your hosts terms and conditions of usage – as often this can result in your host closing your account.

The website pages and gallery uses cookies, this is to enable gallery navigation, as well as for content serving for our advertising partners. This will be used to improve the content that you see.

Privacy Policy
Any information submitted with an order will only be used to fulfil an order and other company requirements related to that. We take Privacy very seriously and fully comply with the Data Protection Act.

We often work as the appointed agents of event organisers to send out post-race emails, and that information is solely used for that purpose and deleted after sending. This again fully complies with the Data Protection Act.

Please allow up to 28 days for delivery of prints and manufactured products including CD collections. 99% of print deliveries are made within the week, but sometimes the post goes astray or there is a genuine mistake somewhere. If you contact us, let us know what you know and we can usually sort it all out from there to everyone’s satisfaction. We use First Class post almost without exception for mailed items. International post has been known to get lost or delayed and this is often beyond our control – so reprints are often the only answer.

For digital files we usually turn orders around within 24hrs, but please at least allow us to get into the office from the weekends events ! Have a read of the FAQ page for possible problems with digital file delivery and always get in touch with the full story if you need to.

We need to be advised of cancellations before we have released the finished master image data to our printers, this can sometimes be within 10 or 15 minutes of receiving the order. All cancellations will carry a £5 administration fee that is levied by the host gallery Thirdlight. Rather than cancel – contact us and discuss alternatives, we can often help turn the situation around to your benefit.
Digital files once received cannot be returned, and this is in line with the OFT distance selling regulations of digital products.

Please let us know if a printed image is damaged or of poorer quality than expected as we always want you to be happy with your purchase. We can often get you a replacement quickly. If you are unsure about the colours – these should always be checked in daylight first as lightbulbs have all sorts of different colours in them (especially the efficient low power ones). We use calibrated screens to check the images before printing, but there are several steps after this that can go awry so just get in contact if you are unsure.

Can be made in some circumstances, but not for a change of mind after the image is physically printed. If you ordered the wrong image – contact us immediately – whilst the system is automated there are points where we can substitute alternative images instead. 
If we have made a mistake we will do everything we can to correct that first and supply you with the right products. At the end of the day if there is nothing more we can do to resolve a situation – then yes a full refund can be sorted out. To date that has never happened there has always been happy solutions for everyone, and the online gallery means you know what you are buying !.

We comply to the OFT distance selling regulations – as per personalised goods made to a customers specification. Have a look here for the OFT’s guidelines

Please Contact us – if you want to check through any of this with us.