We get the most questions (whilst rare) about Digital Orders and Files, so have a read below to see if your question is here:

Question:”I’ve not received my order – a digital file by email
Answer: We want to make sure images get to where they belong, so please check your junk, trash and spam email folders for anything from info@sussexsportphotography.com, and your expectations on delivery time.
Your anti-virus software may have blocked the email based on content, so send us an email with your order number, and quite often a reply to that email will get through your various protections as it has you as the first email sender.
Please give us two office days after an order is placed – almost all are processed within 24hrs, even at weekends – but when we are very busy after events on Saturdays and Sundays we have to wait for the office to open and staff to arrive before we can get to the orders !

Question:”I’ve not received my order – a digital download file
Answer: Hopefully you downloaded it at the time of order, just after making your payment. If not send us an email with your order details and we will email the image to you instead. You might be able to log-in to the gallery and download it too.

Question: “I’ve opened the file attached and it is all blurred and really tiny
Answer: You have probably opened the tiny thumbnail from the Order Confirmation Email – which is sent immediately after an order is made. Please read the whole email – everything you need to know is included in there. It’s just a confirmation email for your order, not the order.

Question: “I ordered a print but you have sent me a digital file
Answer: Please check your order details – which are at the bottom of the emails that you will have received. We may have made a mistake but the process we have for print orders is very different to digital orders – so it is hard for us to get mixed up. Have a check and then get in touch and tell us the story so we can help.

Question: “I’m trying to print the digital file but it is coming out all blurry
Answer: you need at least 200 dots per inch to get a good quality print. Check the resolution (pixel size) of your image and don’t try to print it larger than 200 dots (or pixels) per inch on the paper. Please see our digital samples and information table for more information here

Question: “I’ve downloaded my images but the computer can’t use them
Answer: Any downloads of multiple files are put together by the server into a compressed folder called a “Zip” folder. Whilst you can browse and see the files inside the zip folder, your computer needs them un-compressed before it can use them. To do this you need to “Extract” or “unzip” the files from the Zip folder. On a PC this is usually done by right-clicking on the zip folder and selecting “Extract all” and follow the instructions from there.
More information is usually included on the Email that had the collections download link for you.